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Meta Group has launched Kenya’s first electric commercial delivery vans

Kenya’s first electric commercial delivery vans were unveiled by Meta Electric, a division of Meta Group Africa.Build Your Dreams (BYD), one of the world’s largest suppliers of rechargeable batteries, produces the electric vehicles, which are known as the BYD T3.These electric vans come with an AC charger that takes 8 hours to charge and a DC charger that takes just 1.5 hours to charge.The vans’ range, according to Meta Electric, is 300 kilometers on a full charge and 250 kilometers with a full load.Neo Kenya Mpya, one of Nairobi’s largest public bus operators, will use the electric vehicles in trials for various electric solutions. “We are optimistic that META Electric T3 Vans will help to reduce the significant amount of greenhouse gasses emitted by passenger transportation. We must all work together with the government to improve city road, terminus, and parking space planning so that EVs can seamlessly replace diesel-powered vehicles. By 2025, we hope to have at least 10% of our fleet powered sustainably, Douglas Kuria, CEO of Neo Kenya Mpya Limited, stated.“Owning and driving the T3 Electric van, particularly in Kenya, is a bold statement for any business. Compared to any internal combustion engine car, EVs help save on big costs. They significantly reduce running costs, as they cost less than half as much as diesel engines for fuel, service, maintenance, and repairs while providing excellent mileage. Furthermore, electric vehicles are zero-emission vehicles, encouraging cleaner air and helping in the battle against pollution and climate change, according to Brian Chege, META Electric’s General Manager.

Source: Tech Gist

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