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Egypt to Increase Electricity Exports to Libya

Egypt’s Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, H.E. Mohammed Shaker El-Markabi, has announced plans to increase the capacity of the interconnection line between Egypt and Libya from 240MW to 450MW, with future increases estimated at 1,000MW.

The transmission line­ – which was constructed in 1998 ­­– has allowed Libya to benefit from a consistent and reliable electricity supply from Egypt. With major projects generating an electricity surplus in Egypt, and increasing domestic power supply deficits impacting socioeconomic growth in Libya, the country has requested an increase in electricity, made possible with the line capacity increase.   

“The power line connecting Egypt and Libya can provide up to 450MW, and there is a plan to increase such a capacity in the future to 1,000 MW. The current capacity stands at 200MW,” stated H.E. Mohammed Shaker El-Markabi, Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, Egypt.

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