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NOC swings into action on Tobruk diesel spill

Tobruk Mayor Faraj Boual Khattabia formed a committee, which set out its first plans on May 2 to tackle the problem. The first step was to place a cordon around the diesel to prevent it spreading in the sea.

Boual Khattabia, in a press conference on April 30, raised concerns about diesel spreading into the city’s desalination plant.

The committee has developed an action plan, the Tobruk municipality said. It will tackle the leakage and clean up the corniche area.

The committee includes various civic officials and involves the National Oil Corp. (NOC).

The NOC health and safety director attended the Tobruk meeting. A working team from the oil companies, Arabian Gulf Oil Co. (Agoco) and Brega Petroleum Marketing Co. (BPMC), is involved in the process.

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Source: EnergyVoice

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