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Claudia Bruce-Quartey

Name: Claudia Bruce-Quartey
Profession: Key Account Manager at Red Hat
Industry: IT
Years of Service: 6years
Education: Master’s in Public Administration
Country of Residence: Switzerland

Claudia I had several different roles before entering into IT,  which helped her 0gain practical experience and develop excellent work ethic: sales clerk, youth tutoring, language and project management assistant and even service and cleaning.

When you are privileged to gain professional experience in France, Germany and now Switzerland, such as Claudia has, it gives you great exposure to different cultures, leadership styles and business processes.

She started in entry level sales jobs (business development) for before moving on to account management and now key account management. Claudia has always appreciated the entrepreneurial spirit of sales, the up-beat tempo within IT and being able to consult C-level Executives within some of the most prestigious companies on their digital strategy.

Moreover, being a black woman in an industry with chronic underrepresentation, helps me give other young professional a platform to develop and explore this field. Last year, she set herself a goal to have at least 50 conversations with people wanting to break into IT.

So far she has exceeded that target and continually work towards the goal of having a better vertical, horizontal and 360 representation of Black & brown professionals.  ‘Iconic Women’ an organization I co-founded, targets this mission through education, elevation and equipment.

Claudia Bruce-Quartey

Ivie Ehanmo

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