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US invests over US$360M to fight malaria in Angola

As part of its fight against malaria worldwide, the United States government has supported Angola with more than US$360M, which has been used to purchase and distribute more than 4.5 million long-lasting insecticide-treated mosquito nets, as well as purchasing and distributing about 24 million rapid malaria tests.The support was also aimed at the purchase of more than 34 million doses of anti-malarial drugs and 4 million doses of preventive medicines for pregnant women for the benefit of Angolan families, according to a note from the US embassy in Angola.The document says that the initiative of the President of the USA to fight against Malaria, (the biggest contributor of financial resources in the fight against malaria in Angola), has been working in close partnership with the Angolan government and people in the prevention and malaria control measures reflected in the halving of malaria deaths since 2006.With assistance from the US, it has also been possible to protect about 6 million families through residual spraying at home and facilitated the improvement and technical training of approximately 63,000 health professionals in the diagnosis and treatment of malaria and in the prevention of malaria during pregnancy.

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