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New study in support of South Africa’s energy reform

South Africa’s energy reform aspirations and how they could possibly navigate energy reform was the topic of focus in a recently released RES4Africa in collaboration with CESI S.p.A study: Fostering Renewables within an Independent Network System scenario for South Africa

To support South Africa’s decision making process, RES4Africa’s study identifies and analyses the most emblematic global case-studies of power sector reforms, focusing on worldwide experiences of transmission unbundling, economic and tariff regulation of transmission system operators and VRE deployment.

The report also provides a possible roadmap for the country’s energy transition and was presented during a webinar organised by the Rome-based Foundation in collaboration with Nedbank. The report aims to present the most emblematic international case studies of power sector reform and renewable integration to support the decision-making process currently in South Africa.

South Africa’s electricity generation is reliant on coal, but efforts are ongoing to diversify the energy mix. The National Development Plan 2030 envisages the decommissioning of 35GW (out of 42GW currently operating) of coal-fired power capacity. The supply at least 20GW of the additional 29GW of electricity needed by 2030 will come from renewables and natural gas (6GW of new solar PV capacity and 14 W of new wind power capacity will be commissioned by 2030).

Such amount of variable renewable generation needs to be integrated into the power system by implementing adequate actions aimed at assuring its security and reliability.

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Source: EsiAfrica

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