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Botswana, Namibia and the US sign MOI for mega solar project

Botswana, Namibia and the United States have concluded and signed a historic memorandum of intent (MOI) to create a Mega Solar project in the two southern African countries.

The US Government is collaborating with the Government of the Republic of Botswana, the Government of the Republic of Namibia, the African Development Bank (AfDB), the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the International Finance Corporation to make Mega Solar a reality.

The Mega Solar project has the potential to bring renewable solar power to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses in Botswana in the next two decades.  The project could transform Botswana from a net importer and consumer of unreliable coal power, to a significant producer and exporter of renewable solar power, while also reducing Botswana’s carbon footprint.

US Ambassador Craig Cloud said, “We are thrilled to see this Mega Solar signing ceremony take place.  It is an important step towards our collective dream of a scalable cross-border solar project, a concept first discussed in April 2019. We are excited to be working with Botswana and Namibia to expand renewable energy production and enhance energy security, while addressing climate concerns.”

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Source: EsiAfrica

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