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Five More State-Owned Companies to be Divested in Angola

The Angolan Government has added five more companies to its ongoing Integral and Partial Privatization Program for Public Companies (PROPRIV), following a meeting held last Tuesday and led by Minister of State for Economic Coordination, Manuel Nunes Júnior.   

Additional companies to be privatized include Damer Gráficas – Sociedade Industrial de Artes Gráficas S.A., CIF Cement Company, Lda, CIF SGS Automóveis, Lda, CIF Lowendo Brewery Company, Lda and CIF Logistica, Lda.  

The meeting also resulted in the approval of the sale strategy for Zahara Group – which operates across real estate, commerce, logistics, services and industry sectors – and set the stage for this year’s privatization of Net One, Cable TV and Multitel within the telecommunications sector.  

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