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Sasol and Toyota South Africa Motors Announce Plans for Green Hydrogen Mobility

Sasol has signed an agreement with Toyota South Africa Motors (TSAM) to develop a green hydrogen mobility ecosystem in South Africa for zero-emission, heavy-duty, long-haul trucks.

The agreement will see both parties jointly pursue the development of a proof-of-concept demonstration, which will be expanded into a pilot project as part of an ambitious plan to establish a green hydrogen economy for South Africa.

The parties have agreed to pursue the installation of hydrogen refueling infrastructure along one of South Africa’s main freight corridors, National Highway 3 (N3) between Durban and Johannesburg. The project will see the introduction of South Africa’s first heavy-duty, long-haul fuel cell (FC) truck.

TSAM will lead the plans to introduce a prototype truck to South Africa, currently in development in Japan, with Sasol providing the necessary infrastructure expertise.

Fleetwood Grobler, Sasol President and CEO said of the alliance, “We believe hydrogen mobility is a real opportunity for the country to decarbonize the sectors of long-haul and heavy-duty transport, mining and others and see the creation of hydrogen hubs, or ecosystems, as a practical and affordable way to scale the deployment of hydrogen in the transport sector.”

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