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Yodawy, an Egyptian healthtech company, has teamed up with MedNet Egypt to provide a Seamless Experience Through Digital Transformation to its users

Yodawy has announced a strategic partnership with MedNet Egypt, a company which specializes in the management of health-care services.

Yodawy, an Egyptian healthtech company, received funding from Algebra Ventures, Cventures and other investors.

Yodawy has been at the forefront of pioneering patient-first digital experiences, making healthcare more affordable and convenient.

The collaboration aims to benefit thousands of insured customers by facilitating the online dispensing of insurance medications through the Yodawy medical network of more than 2,000 licensed pharmacies across Egypt.

MedNet subscribers can now download the Yodawy app and set up an account with their monthly medications ready to order with a one-time registration.

Members can also upload a doctor’s prescription and receive approval in seconds. Members won’t have to go to the pharmacy or wait in line for approvals any longer.

Thanks to a cutting-edge artificial intelligence-assisted network, the current automated process runs smoothly.

Approvals are automatically secured, and prescriptions are routed to the user’s nearest approved pharmacy, which then delivers the drugs to their address.

“To say the least, 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone. Everyone’s attention is focused on healthcare. With such a surge in knowledge and demand for better healthcare facilities, technological advances are proving to be indispensable “Dr. Hisham El Shazli, MedNet Egypt’s General Manager, said. “The Covid-19 crisis has forced all parties involved in medical insurance to try to provide home delivery for all health care services,” he said.

Yodawy’s mission, according to Karim Khashaba, is to provide a unified platform that includes all medical services. “Tech-based innovations in the provision of online tools and services, as well as collaboration with leading healthcare companies, are what will provide the opportunity for millions of patients to receive better and easier medical service, and this is what we have already begun,” he said.

Yodawy has integrated Egypt’s leading health insurance companies, providing their coverage online to over 1.5 million users and servicing them through a network of over 2000 affiliate pharmacies across Egypt, in addition to extending their services to cover prescription drugs.

Source: Tech Gist

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