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Mozambique: US$30M needed to rebuild Beira Airport

Blasted by seasonal storms, particularly Cyclone Idai in early 2019, the terminal building at Beira International Airport in Sofala province, needs US$30M (185 million meticais) in repairs.

With finances in the red, Mozambique Airports (Aeroportos de Moçambique – ADM) neither has this amount, nor can it borrow it. But the company’s Financial Director and spokesperson, Saíde Júnior, is confident that the public institution will raise the funds by the end of this year.

Speaking exclusively to ‘Carta de Moçambique’, Junior observed that the amount was so high because the company intends to also modernise the terminal while rehabilitating it.

“We need huge investments because we want to completely modernise the Beira terminal. Remember, the terminal was practically the centre of refuge for all those who suffered drastically from Idai, so it needs a rehabilitation, or probably a complete renovation. We are predicting that we will need US$30M,” ADM’s Chief Financial Officer said.

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In view of its weak financial status, “the company is not in a position to get US$30M, but we believe that it should be a priority for the government of Beira, and the government of the country. We have requested that Beira support the improvement of the terminal,” he said.

Júnior says that the central government’s role is to assist in the search for funds for the project.

“We will do everything possible to get the funds this year, and works will begin in the second quarter of 2022 at the latest,” the interviewee predicted.

The first step in the modernisation of the Beira airport terminal – designing the executive project – had already been accomplished, Junior said, and the company was about to receive the design for the improved terminal, on which the US$30M figure was calculated.

By Evaristo Chilingue

Source: Further Africa

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