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FNB, a South African financial services provider, has launched a mobile money transfer service in Africa in partnership with MoneyGram

FNB, a South African financial services provider, has launched a feature with MoneyGram that allows users to complete MoneyGram transfer transactions on the FNB app.

It has been announced that FNB account holders in South Africa can now send and receive international money transfers using their cellphones.

MoneyGram said in a statement that the service includes a “advanced data encryption system” that protects account holder information.

“We have extended our product services to offer a mobile service in Africa less than a year into our relationship with FNB,” Carl Scheible, MoneyGram executive vice president for Africa & Europe, said. “This also contributes to our vision of providing our customers with convenience and accessibility. We are committed to utilizing mobile technology to supplement and augment our traditional agent locations in South Africa and around the world. We believe that by utilizing a variety of alternative channels, we will be able to meet the specific needs of a discerning and growing market. Our mobile offering with FNB provides customers in South Africa with yet another way to send and receive money.”

“Our relationship with MoneyGram has improved the customer experience by making it easier and more affordable for FNB customers to send money abroad through both customer facing and electronic channels,” said Jacques Celliers, FNB’s chief executive officer of business banking.

With the addition of MoneyGram to the FNB app, clients will now be able to conduct end-to-end money transfers directly from the app.

FNB has ensured that all transactions are secure and plans to launch an additional feature that will allow clients to cancel or amend transactions as well as view their transaction history all from the FNB app.

Source: Tech Gist

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