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SendSpend a fintech firm is launching a digital payment system for Africa’s unbanked

SendSpend intends to launch its global payment system app, which will enable unbanked Africans to make payments and transfers using only their smartphones.

SendSpend, a fintech company based in London, is a global payment system based on cloud and mobile technology that allows the unbanked to pay digitally and send money to each other instantly using just a smartphone.

SendSpend was founded in 2016 by Tracy Andersson and Graham Davies, a South African duo dedicated to providing an important financial service to Africa.

SendSpend is dedicated to improving and uplifting the lives of people in underserved areas.

Financial inclusion is a key component of achieving one of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals of eradicating poverty, and SendSpend is proud to play a role in achieving this lofty target.

“By providing access to financial services, we want to allow economically marginalized customers to engage in the digital economy,” says Tracy Andersson, co-founder of SendSpend.

Users can use SendSpend within minutes of registering with a downloaded App, and the platform is fully digital and free.

“We set out to create a payment system that was inexpensive, safe, and functional,” says Graham Davies, co-founder of SendSpend.

SendSpend’s versatile and diverse architecture also allows us to respond to the various enforcement and regulatory requirements that different countries face.

This enables us to have a comprehensive set of services and features that our competitors sometimes cannot.”

By scanning the QR code or entering the registered mobile number into the online checkout, the online platform can be used to pay for services or goods at selected merchants.

Two-factor authentication using an OTP is required for all online transactions to ensure that they are performed safely.

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