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Mercedes-Benz has unveiled its latest flagship EQS electric sedan, which aims to compete with Tesla

As it competes against Tesla and other emerging automakers, Mercedes-Benz claims its latest EQS electric sedan will redefine the all-electric luxury vehicle market.

The Mercedes-Benz EQS electric sedan, which will debut in 2022, ushers in a new age for the German automaker as it transitions to electric vehicles.

When it appears in U.S. showrooms in the fall, the car will be part of Mercedes-Benz’s S-Class car family.

The Mercedes EQS stands out from the rest of the Mercedes sedan lineup.

Rather than having a long flat bonnet and a rounded roof line like an S-Class, the entire car appears to be one big curve, especially from the side, and the pop-out door handles add to the smooth appearance.

Ola Kaellenius, CEO of Mercedes-Benz and Daimler, said, “The EQS is planned to meet the needs of even our most discerning customers.” “A Mercedes has to do just that to receive the letter ‘S’ in its name. We don’t hand out the letter lightly.”

The EQS has yet to be priced by the automaker, but industry analysts expect it to comfortably exceed $100,000.

Mercedes-Benz’s first electric vehicle is built on a new vehicle architecture.

It also includes a new battery generation with substantially higher energy capacity, allowing for greater range.

The EQS will also come with an optional augmented reality device, which will include a head-up display that will project three-dimensional graphics such as arrows onto the displays to show drivers where they need to go.

More than half of consumers, according to Källenius, will pay extra for the display screen, which Mercedes-Benz unveiled in January.

The EQS is part of Mercedes-Benz’s “Ambition 2039” program, which calls for electric drive systems in more than half of the cars it sells, including fully electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

Mercedes-Benz is racing other major automakers to introduce new electric vehicles in order to catch up with market leader Tesla, which currently dominates the all-electric vehicles market.

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