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Conference Access to Africa coming to Dakar, Senegal

The CCIPS / AO – Chamber of Commerce and Industry Portugal – Senegal and West Africa, based in Dakar, capital of Senegal, a strategic hub of the West Africa region, formally presents the 2021 edition of the international platform called “Conference Access to Africa”.

This will be the first in a cycle of thematic conferences that will be held periodically in Senegal and which have the institutional support of the Portuguese diplomatic mission in Dakar, a guarantor for the affirmation and dimension of a concept that aims to strategically position the excellence and experience of the Portuguese business fabric in the most varied areas.

The Conference Access to Africa is a unique concept in the panorama of Portugal’s relations with the sub-Saharan region of West Africa and will see the participation of recognised and prestigious leaders and influencers from different sectors of the civil and economic society, with the main objective of enhancing talent and the excellence of Portugal in the ECOWAS countries, particularly in Senegal.

The following sectors are the main focus of ‘Conference Access to Africa’:

  • Infrastructure & Public Works
  • Energy – focus on Renewable Energy, Oil and Gas
  • Industrialisation – with a special focus on agribusiness and manufacturing
  • Agriculture – with a focus on exploration and export support logistics
  • Services – with a focus on IT, intercontinental trade and the tourism sector
  • Associations – professional corporations, social development and employers
  • International Relations – with a focus on Africa-Europe relations

The Conference Access to Africa assumes itself as a catalyst for the values ​​and talent of Portuguese entrepreneurship, which, supported by transfer of knowledge, promotes and strengthens the ties of cooperation and prosperity in bilateral relations.

Source: Further Africa

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