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Senegal: Hydropower To Diversify Energy Mix, Address Power Demand

Senegal’s Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Aïssatou Sophie Gladima, has commended the heads of the Organization for the Development of the Senegal River (OMVS) for the construction of the purpose-built Manantali dam and hydroelectric power station on the Bafing River in the Senegal River Basin.

Speaking during a visit to the dam and hydropower facility on Sunday, Gladima emphasized the value of green energy for the country’s energy mix and the need for all OMVS member states to promote the utilization of cleaner energy sources. 

The 200MW hydropower plant holds power generation benefits for the country. By presenting an alternative, cost-effective, and cleaner source of electricity, the dam is addressing the increasing power throughout Senegal and the entire sub-region.

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Source: AfricaOilandPower

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