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Angola: Fees to be charged by the Data Protection Agency

Recently, Angola approved the Presidential Decree no. 60/21, of 10 March, concerning the Regulation on Fees to be levied by the Data Protection Agency.

This regulation ensures the financing of the Data Protection Agency activity, created back in 2016, marking its proactivity as regulatory authority.

Indeed, the regulation defines the fees to be charged by the Angolan Data Protection Agency for the provision of filing services and granting authorizations to process personal data.

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All public or private entities benefiting from the services provided and authorizations granted by the Data Protection Agency are deemed as taxable persons.

Direct public administration bodies and local authorities (i.e., “Autarquias Locais”) are only subject to the payment of half of the value of the fees referred in the Regulation.

Installment payments are allowed, if and when justified and admissible and the fees amounts may be updated by joint executive decree.

The relation entered into force on 10 March 2021.

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