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RES4Africa Makes Moves In Morocco’s Renewable Energy Sector

RES4Africa Foundation is increasing its footprint in Morocco’s renewable energy sector with the signing of two letters of intent with the Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy (MASEN) and a formal agreement with Morocco’s Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Environment. All three agreements not only provide for an increase in the promotion of renewable energy developments in Morocco, but demonstrate the effectiveness of collaboration in fostering an increased enabling environment for renewable investors.

RES4Africa and Morocco are consolidating their shared vision and objectives for the renewable energy industry by formalizing a partnership that aims to strengthen collaboration between the two entities. In addition to showcasing strategic initiatives for the enhancement of renewable energy, the agreements focus on the value of capacity building and local content, providing provisions for the joint expansion of such activities in a bid to promote renewable energy solutions. Notably, both entities are prioritizing knowledge transfer, training courses and capacity building through programs such as RES4Africa’s Micro-Grid Academy and Coalition’s Expertise Program. By prioritizing knowledge and know-how transfer, the collaboration seeks to dramatically increase local renewable capacity and generate further expansion across Morocco.

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Source: AfricaOilandPower

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