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Weekend: Love yourself and celebrate your victories!

Take a deep breath and ponder about love! What is love?

The dictionary defines love as an intense feeling of affection with no limits or conditions for a person. Have you realised that you are a human being also? You are a spirit, you have a soul and you live in the body. Hence you can love yourself, appreciate yourself, celebrate the achievements and milestones you accomplish. Cheer yourself and dance, shout, do whatever emotions it takes to celebrate YOU.

We take time to learn, work etc. Let’s also take time to love ourselves, so that we will be able to love others more. How often do you hug yourself after a long day of strategising, meeting people back to back?

Have you taken some time to cross your arms along your chest, embrace yourself, hold tight and say thank you for the hard work? As an entrepreneur who gets lost in activities, how often you take some time to look at the mirror and talk to yourself, tell yourself that you love who you are?

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This simple exercise will help you to build your inner strength, not to be proud but to acknowledge self, self-love and will fuel your performance because you are appreciated and love by you. You will not wait for people to love you, but you will understand love better and what you give is what you will get. As you love you will be loved, you will love others easily and you will be a better person daily. This will give you the ability to be more creative, to be what God made you to be and He loves us too.

Most importantly, celebrate your victories, these wins don’t have to be big, but small achievements you accomplish, say yes I did it or I nailed it, I got it right after several attempts.

Celebrate your team and let it be a culture in your organization you will create a conducive environment that will allow people to be themselves and perform better and this will uplift your business.

Little things that we deem as little, actually matter the most as human virtues. We have emotions, we get overwhelmed and should get the positive influence to fill us and pour over and we will be more successful than we think.

Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate! Share love! Share love! Share love! Let life balance.

Source: Further Africa

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