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Why South Africa selected powerships over solar power and battery storage

Energy minister Gwede Mantashe announced the preferred bidders for the government’s emergency risk mitigation IPP programme in March, which include three liquid natural gas powerships.

The Risk Mitigation IPP Procurement Programme (RMIPPPP) aims to alleviate South Africa’s electricity supply constraints and reduce the use of diesel-based generators.

Two-thirds of the new RMIPPP programme – 1,220MW of the 1,845MW – went to a single company, Karpowership SA. The CSIR estimated that Karpowership SA, a unit of the Turkish Karadeniz Energy Group, can get as much as R218 billion from the 20-year deal.

This decision faced severe criticism from many energy experts because of its environmental impact, the lack of local gas resources, and the cost. Many people argued that solar and wind power, in combination with battery storage, provide a better and more sustainable solution.

South Africa is blessed with a lot of sunshine and wind which make these renewable energy options an obvious choice. While the programme includes solar PV, wind, and battery solutions, Karpowership SA is by far the biggest beneficiary.

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