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Juba, South Sudan & Online

South Sudan Oil & Power (SSOP), the nation’s energy conference, returns to Juba for its fourth edition, leading the future of investment and development in the country. This year, for the first time, the event will be held in a hybrid format, with international speakers and delegates participating online alongside the local in-person event.

A decade after independence, South Sudan’s government has prioritized road-building, oil industry participation and power projects as means to stimulate the economy. Added to political changes in 2020 and the holding of the 2018 peace settlement, these developments promise to make a huge impact on the lives and fortunes of South Sudan’s businesses and people.

SSOP’s 2021 theme is #BuildtheNation: Capital raising and innovative financing to build critical energy and infrastructure projects.

Organized with the support and endorsement of the Ministry of Petroleum, the Ministry of Energy and Dams, the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Labour, SSOP 2021 strives to increase capital investments in hydrocarbons, infrastructure, power generation, technology and related fields, and firmly establishes the nation’s investment fundamentals post-COVID-19.

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