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U.S. sets aside US$20M to fight malaria in Angola

The ambassador of the United States of America (USA), Nina Maria Fite, said Wednesday in Luanda that her government has US$20M available for the fight against malaria in Angola, in 2021.

The diplomat made this announcement to the press, on the sidelines of a Women’s Forum, with the theme, “The participation of women in Angola’s development and the challenges facing Covid-19,” held at the Mediateca in Luanda.

Nina Maria Fitre said that the United States, as the biggest donor in the programme to combat malaria, is working with its partners to jointly identify and carry out its programmes in the communities.

She added that the malaria programme is comprehensive because it is carried out in people’s homes, which aims to distribute mosquito nets, mosquito screens while in health centres and posts they work with pregnant women, who are more susceptible to the disease.

Source: Further Africa

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