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SAS arrives in northern Mozambique

Foreign military support is growing in Mozambique’s northern Cabo Delgado Province following the attack on Palma but it is clear that the LNG plans have suffered a major setback.

The Times has reported that three members of the SAS have deployed to the area in an effort to find Philip Mawer.

He had been working for RA International and has reportedly been missing since the attack on the Amarula Lodge on March 26-27.

Mawer was said to have been in the convoy of vehicles that attempted to flee the hotel but was ambushed. Of the 17 or so cars in the convoy, only seven reached their destination. The Mozambique authorities said, on March 28, that at least seven people had been killed in the ambush.

The Times said the SAS team had been in Nairobi, where they had been training. The report said Mawer was the only UK citizen still missing.

Mozambique’s security forces have entered Palma but local reports say the town is still not secure. Journalists visiting the town on March 30 reported being fired upon.

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Source: EnergyVoice

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