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Hoax alleges Galp withdrawal from Mozambique

A hoax statement claims Galp is abandoning its involvement in northern Mozambique in order to pursue a “100% renewable future”.

The statement appears legitimate, with Galp boilerplate blurb and press details, while spoofing the Galp press email address.

The purported Galp declaration says the gas project in Mozambique is “too high a risk due to terrorist conflict and corruption of the Mozambican government”.

It went on to say that Portugal would work to withdraw its workers safely and pay 4,500 euros ($5,280) to local communities. Galp will commit to “100% renewable production in the next three years” to create “thousands of new decent jobs around the Galp world”.

The hoax said the decision had been prompted by the hidden debt scandal. Credit Suisse and VTB Bank were involved in this, which saw the provide loans of around $2 billion to Mozambique.

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Source: EnergyVoice

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