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TCN’s 2019/2021 scorecard revealed!

Many, most of the time would bypass checking on the activities of the Transmission Company of Nigeria, TCN, including those of the GenCos, and would rather exact pressure on electricity utility firms due to their (DisCos) proximity to electricity consumers.

The TCN is responsible for transmitting electricity produced by the generation companies, GenCos to DisCos. So, while consumers are most interested in what gets to them, what they get largely depends on TCN’s capacity when it comes to wheeling power generated by the GenCos.

Data sourced from the electricity market regulator, NERC showed that TCN since 2019, wheeled electricity in the range of between 2300GWh-2900GWh in 2019, and then a little above 3000GWh as at last December- these figures represent energy delivered to DisCos and those exported to neighbouring countries like Niger Republic, Benin Republic, Togo, and Cameroun.

A breakdown showed that as of January 2019, a total of 2602GWh was sent out to the DisCos and exported, 2593GWh in February, 2665GWh in March, 2729GWh in April, 2819GWh in May, June 2440GWh, July 2600GWh, August 2714GWh, and September 2535GWh.

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Source: SweetCrudeReports

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