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Empowering young Africans through STEM

For quite some time now, there have been raging debates about the practicality of the school curriculum in some African countries. For the longest time, African schools continued along the syllabi introduced by the colonial predecessors. There was a general outcry from African educationalists who now questioned the relevance of material that was abstract, theoretic, and not contemporary to suit the needs of today.

The world we live in has evolved through technological advancements, and it is important now more than ever, to align the educational system with developments in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, commonly termed STEM.

Grassroots introduction of STEM
Recently, a young Nigerian girl aged ten, Emmanuella Mayaki, made headlines after she was hired by a UK school to teach the basics of coding, HTML, and CSS to peers her age. This brilliant young girl was selected for her extraordinary IT skill and knowledge. This highlights how the early introduction of STEM can make a positive impact on the African narrative. Studies have shown that the early introduction of STEM (as early as four years old) has an impact on a child’s IQ going forward. This is because young minds are still imaginative and are receptive to new concepts and ideas. As children grow older, their imagination becomes convergent, which then lowers their IQ as they conform to an educational system that encourages regurgitation more than imaginative thinking.

The importance of STEM in modern society
Our world has changed, and we need to adapt accordingly. Science is all around us and technology is expanding faster than we could have imagined. In the past few decades, STEM occupations have risen, with STEM degree holders earning higher incomes even if they are not employed in STEM-related professions. With a lot of professions becoming redundant, it is crucial to make informed decisions to stay ahead of the game.

Source: Further Africa

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