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CRAWL: Africa’s Mobile Social Calendar App

CRAWL: Africa’s First Mobile Social Calendar App

The social calendar app offers details on buzz-worthy events and venues in Sub-Saharan Africa, starting in Lagos, Nigeria.

As the world continues to adapt to the new normal, the global economy has been forced to fix its antiquated systems and general order of conducting business. Well, here’s to the new digital economy! Introducing the latest digital innovation, CRAWL — Africa’s first mobile social calendar app.

CRAWL is Africa’s social calendar platform, a haven of tastefully curated luxurious social experiences. CRAWL is a fun, user-friendly utility app, catering to the world’s second-largest and second-most-populous continent, Africa.

If you have ever tried to find a good cocktail bar or restaurant, or plan a night out in any city, you know that it can be a time-consuming and stressful activity that can ultimately end in a hit-or-miss outing… that’s where CRAWL comes in. As the name suggests, the app lets users crawl through hundreds of spots and activities to the satisfaction of their social needs. The app’s suggestions to users are all based on the preferences they select such as budget, location, and more. CRAWL allows users to receive updates and notifications on important dates, upcoming activities, and exclusive events & openings. The app also enables CRAWLers to save their favorite locations or experiences for future references with a single tap. The sign-up process is quick and easy. Users can choose to sign up using their Apple, Facebook, or Google account, as well, as opt to sign-up by entering a valid email address and password.  

With the soft launch of CRAWL in Lagos, Nigeria, the mobile app is set to dominate other major cities in Africa, providing access to curated social activities, top-rated events in every corner of the continent. This ensures exclusive and personal experiences for every individual. In the upcoming months, the social calendar app will be introduced to other Sub-Saharan cities in countries, such as Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, and more.

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