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Sunshine Investment Group to unlock digital payments in Ethiopia

Sunpay Solutions S.C gears up for entry to the Ethiopian digital payment landscape to offer a payment system with an initial capital of 100 Million Birr.

The Company plans to contribute to the growth of digital payment in Ethiopia and promote financial inclusion across the country with a focus on enabling a better, seamless and secure customer experience.

Sunpay Solutions, a sister company of Sunshine Investment Group, has developed its own digital payment platform “sunpay” by highly driven individuals from the fintech industry set to launch the service in July 2021. Once securing a license to become a Payment gateway and POS operator in Ethiopia, is also working with a plan to be a switch operator in the next few months.

The General Assembly of shareholders held at Marriott International Hotel yesterday reviewed the progress made and discussed directions and steps to be taken moving forward to make Sunpay a reality in the time.

During a press conference following the end of the shareholder’s meeting, Etsub Alemayehu, SUNPAY solutions representative said, “we are excited about joining the growing retail payment sector and we believe it is the right time to do so in light of the Governments 10 years development plan which envisions to make the nation an African beacon of growth with the digitization of services provisions and accelerating growth in the fintech industry of the country.”

“Ethiopia is striving to adopt sunpay solutions to modernize the financial system. We are excited to join the industry where sunpay solutions could address many challenges in accessing financial services. The private sector, like Sunpay solutions, can play a paramount role in the Ethiopian economy is accelerating the rate of fintech adoption in the financial sector.”

SUNPAY solutions is a sister company of SUNSHINE investment Group, well Reputable in the construction, real estate, hotel development. SUNPAY has a vision of becoming Africa’s pioneering innovation and technology through a wide range of well-designed functional and services at affordable prices.

Source: Furtherafrica

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