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IGU Underlines the Reliability of Algerian Supply to Europe

The International Gas Union (IGU) has underlined the reliability of Algeria’s gas supplies, intended for Europe through the national company Sonatrach, over the past 50 yea,rs.

In a message published by the IGU on the social network Twitter, the international body said it recognized “5 decades of reliable supply from Algeria and Sonatrach to keep Europe warm, industrialized and electrified.”

As a reminder, the first destination for Algerian gas remains the European market, mainly Italy (35%), Spain (31%), Turkey (8.4%) and France (7.8%).

In 2020, the commercial production of the country’s LNG complexes stood at 24 million m3. The overall volume of Algerian gas exports during the same period reached 40 billion m3, which is equivalent to $ 7 billion in revenue during the past year. 

Source: PetroleumAfrica

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