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Solar energy – ‘The fuel of the future’

There is no denying the fact that due to overpopulation and technological advancement, energy demand is growing exponentially with every passing day.

It is not an issue with a country or two, but it has become a global phenomenon. This overpopulation has burdened conventional energy resources like coal, natural gas, and petroleum, leading to the approaching depletion of these fuels and environmental pollution.

Therefore, the need to implement renewable, reliable, and cost-effective energy sources to meet the growing population’s demand has reached considerable importance. Solar, thermal, hydropower and geothermal are a few of the main renewable sources of energy, among which solar energy can truly be said to be the energy fuel of the future.

It is abundant and freely available in nature that can manage and cure the energy crisis. The solar industry’s fast-developing pace reflects the high demand for solar energy than any other source.

Factors making solar energy the fuel of the future

There are several factors that make solar energy the best source of energy for the future. JA Solar identifies a few:

Availability: Unlike conventional sources of energy, solar energy is a renewable source, meaning it is abundant and freely available in nature. The Sun provides the continuous flow of energy that is converted by the solar panels to produce electricity.

Low Operating Cost: The process of converting sunlight into electricity i.e., the photovoltaic process, does not need any fuel and has leased-cost or no variable cost making the whole process of getting electricity cost-effective.

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