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South African billionaire to build new airport in Cape Town

South African billionaire Rob Hersov is planning to build the “Lanseria Airport of Cape Town” 13 kilometres northeast of Durbanville. Speaking to Biznews, Hersov said he partnered with Nick Ferguson to buy Fisantekraal Airport in the Western Cape in 2020.

Fisantekraal Airport was built on a 150-hectare site by the South African Air Force in 1943 to operate Lockheed Ventura bombers. The Fisantekraal Airport initially featured four runways. While all four are still visible from overhead, only two are still in use. The airfield was transferred to the local municipality in the sixties and was sold to a private owner in 1993. It then changed hands again last year.

The airport is currently a favourite for flight training in the Cape Town area and many advertisements and movies have been filmed there. Hersov said they have renamed it to the “Cape Winelands Airport” and has plans to convert it into a competitor to the Cape Town international airport.

Cape Winelands Airport currently manages numerous aircraft hangars for the storage and maintenance of private aircraft and helicopters. It has plenty of room for further development and ancillary services. Being conveniently located approximately half-way between the Cape Town CBD and Paarl, it is a perfect site to launch Cape Town’s second commercial airport.

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