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Kenya Power to install charging stations throughout the country

Kenya Power to install charging stations throughout the country

Kenya Power, the country’s electricity distribution company, has announced plans to install electric car charging stations across the country, beginning in Nairobi. Kenya Power and UNEP have collaborated to see the former move to electric motorbikes in an attempt to promote the adoption of electric vehicles in Kenya, according to the announcement.

Kenya Power intends to build electric vehicle charging stations along Kenya’s major highways and traffic arteries, as well as in public access areas in the country’s major cities. The company’s revenue sources will be increased as a result of the programme, which involves the opening of at least one rapid recharge station in Nairobi.

Kenya Power managing director Bernard Ngugi said, “As part of our implementation plan, we are developing appropriate infrastructure and building internal capacity to allow us to promote the use of electric vehicles across the value chain.”

The electric vehicle market is now exploding on a global scale, with more than 3 million vehicles sold. Experts predict that by 2040, 54 percent of new global car sales and 33% of the global fleet will be electrical. East African countries such as Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda are leapfrogging their West African counterparts in the global transition to electric vehicles, despite infrastructure constraints.

Source: TechGistAfrica via Furtherafrica

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