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Can Engage help tech companies build stronger relationships with customers?

Steve Jobs built the biggest consumer tech company of all time because he was the best at welding functionality and aesthetics. But he made that brand lovable by prioritising customer experience.  “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around,” he famously said.

A lot of companies have taken on this ethos. Startups have dedicated customer experience (CX) units to figure out how to cultivate satisfaction and loyalty in users. One aspect of CX is customer engagement; building relationships with customers through tools like email, live chat, push notifications and the odd shoutout on social media. 

Mailchimp, Twilio and Amazon’s Simple Email Service are among the most popular platforms providing features for customer engagement. Each is a multibillion-dollar company with recurring revenue from services like transactional messages, i.e. the type of message a startup sends after users sign up for a service or complete a purchase.

One Nigerian startup is pushing a super-platform that helps companies engage with their users using segmentation and personalization. The name? Engage. Opeyemi Obembe and Victor Eduoh, the startup’s co-founders, want it to be the platform that helps every company build relationships with customers.  Obembe used to be a lead engineer at a health maintenance organisation in Lagos, where he realised how important customer messaging is for business growth, retention and ultimately, revenue.

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Can Engage help tech companies build stronger relationships with customers?

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