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Sonatrach Adopts a Competitive Long-Term Gas Strategy

Sonatrach Adopts a Competitive Long-Term Gas Strategy

Algeria’s national hydrocarbons company Sonatrach has adopted a long-term strategy for the marketing of gas in the face of stiff international competition, in order to consolidate its shares in its traditional markets, particularly in Europe, the group said in its latest newsletter.

After the entry of new suppliers with large production capacities, such as the United States and Russia, causing the fall in the price of gas, “the world gas scene has been greatly disrupted, impacting the limited list of traditional suppliers of this market, in which Algeria is registered, Sonatrach’s Feb 24 newsletter stated.

Faced with these new competitors on the gas market, Sonatrach, a traditional supplier to the European market, “is part of a long-term strategy aimed at consolidating its shares in its traditional markets and maximizing its revenues, while meeting constant national demand. Growth.”

This strategy, continues the same source, is based not only on the flexibility of its gas offer thanks to the diversity of its export routes between gas pipelines, liquefaction terminals and fleet of ships, but also on the advantages linked in particular to the proximity to the European market, its experience and its reputation as a reliable supplier.

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Source: PetroleumAfrica

Sonatrach Adopts a Competitive Long-Term Gas Strategy

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