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Kidnapping and murder in Mozambique – DW

Islamist militants have been rampaging in northern Mozambique, but due to a restrictive government information policy, there have been few details from the ground. DW correspondent Adrian Kriesch got some rare insights.

For hours, Biche Oliveira has been standing on the beach of Quirimba Island, watching young men unload bags of food from a dhow. A large part of the island’s population is here because once a month the United Nations’ World Food Programme distributes food. Just before it is his turn, Oliveira pulls out a photo from his pocket. “This is my daughter Muanarabo,” he says. In April 2020, the 16-year-old was abducted here by Islamists. At that time, the militants attacked the island. They murdered two residents, looted food, and set the head of administration’s house on fire.

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