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How global connections are progressing Rwanda’s gaming industry

Not only in Africa, but across the world, gaming revenues are on the rise. From 2020 to 2025, Mordor Intelligence states that the continent’s game-related sector will enjoy a compound annual growth rate of 12%. As such, this progression will likely provide the catalyst for the emergence of further video game developers.

Of those countries that will benefit, Rwanda is laying the foundations for a fruitful gaming future. In years gone by, the gross gaming revenue of around £7.6M was put back into the economy due to the costs of various start-up operations. However, as time has progressed and profits have enhanced, Rwanda can now establish itself as a gaming hub in Africa. Interestingly, however, the land-locked country isn’t developing on its own. So, let’s consider how partnerships are proving advantageous to Rwanda’s gaming sector.

DopeApps’ Partnership with Suponic Global

In September 2020, Rwanda showcased its intent to further its local gaming industry through establishing global partnerships. In particular, DopeApps, a local start-up, formed a relationship with Suponic Global. According to the American company’s website, they’re striving to create a profitable eSports industry that connects gamers from all across the globe through blockchain technology. At face value, this could prove to be a significant move regarding Rwanda’s gaming future.

Having partnered with DopeApps, a Rwanda-based gaming company, the pair will seek to develop Suponic Global’s cryptocurrency, Suponic Game Credit. As per All Africa, this concept is currently in operation across more than 300 different titles. Should it be implemented in the African country, it will ensure that in-game assets can’t only be bought, sold and traded, but owned by the player.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time that DopeApps have secured an overseas partnership. Previously, they linked-up with Goethe Institut, a cultural organisation in Germany, to create and mobile and web-based game, ILAGIK. Over the last few years, forming relationships to boost the continent’s gaming scene has become increasingly common. For example, back in 2017, BongoHive partnered with Liquid Telecom as part of an initiative to provide faster internet speeds and better cloud services.

An On-the-Rise eSports Sector

Aside from the ever-growing number of partnerships occurring within Rwanda, a local eSports-orientated approach also looks set to enhance the industry’s growth. Although Suponic Global will help competitive gaming progression, The New Times indicates that Africa will hold its first eSports tournament in February 2021. It speaks volumes about Rwanda’s gaming growth that the Rwanda Esports Organisation and Enter Africa Rwanda will manage the event.

Fascinatingly, the competition won’t just provide a welcome boost to Rwanda’s game-related sector, but it will also help put Africa on the map. Along with featuring Rwandan players, the tournament – which will consist of Call of Duty: Mobile, FIFA 21, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile, and Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 Mobile – will also welcome other players from across Africa.

The event will occur virtually, and it’s expected that Algeria, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, and many more countries will have representatives competing. South Africa’s proposed inclusion shouldn’t come as a surprise, as they’ve long been a central player in expanding the continent’s gaming industry. As per a report from IOL, the fact that the country’s gaming sector is forecast to grow by 18% between 2020 and 2022 reflects this.

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Progression Appears Likely

Following the local and overseas connections that Rwanda have formed over the last few years, the foundations are now in place to take the country’s gaming sector to the next level. Ultimately, placing eSports-driven strategies at the forefront of their plans will boost Africa’s global reputation within the industry. Also, it will showcase the continent’s talented players. Because of that, the future undoubtedly looks bright for Rwanda from a gaming standpoint.

Source: Taarifa Rwanda via FurtherAfrica

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