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Cities in South African with the most expensive electricity

Eskom recently announced it would be increasing electricity prices in South Africa by nearly 16%. Starting from 1 April 2020, the average standard tariff for its customers will climb by 5.44c/kWh to 134.30c/kWh.

While this change will likely impact all typical home electricity users on the utility’s grid, it is important to understand that the extent of the increase won’t necessarily be a direct reflection of how much more you will have to pay.

Unless you are an Eskom direct customer, your power is distributed via a municipality or other local authority.

These entities have to carry their own costs to distribute and maintain electricity supply to home users, which could include expenses typically incurred on labour related to checking metres, administration of electricity bills, and maintenance and repairs of electricity infrastructure.

They therefore add their own charges to the electricity which they buy from Eskom at its bulk selling price, which can increase your bill fairly significantly.

We calculated the typical residential electricity tariffs for some of South Africa’s major cities and towns to see which had the most expensive and cheapest rates.

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