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Sony makes loads of great gear. Here are its hits and misses

It’s often said that when the world ends, all that’s left will be cockroaches and Cher. If we had to add another generational survivor to that mix, it would be Sony.More than 40 years since the Sony Walkman launched in 1979, Sony’s still on everybody’s lips. Out of all the consumer tech brands on the market, it was the second most talked about between 2019 and 2020. Now, 40 years is plenty of time to fail, a lot, and Sony’s had to admit defeat on countless occasions. That being said, its product strategy could well be the blueprint for battling companies such as Huawei, in so far as Sony’s eggs have never been in just one basket.If you’re familiar-ish with Sony, you might not know quite how many pies its fingers are in right now. Forget about the stuff you can buy for a second, Sony’s business division is huge, with its image and sensing solutions bringing in almost three times the operating income of the consumer electronics division. ‘Image and sensing’ refers to a host of solutions, including selling smartphone camera sensors to other manufacturers including Apple, Google and Huawei.As for the stuff you can buy, Sony TVs, PlayStations, Blu-Ray Players, cameras and headphones are among the most notable, popular product categories, with Sony’s flagship devices in each reliably ranking in the best in reviews.Take Sony’s headphones — despite its audio heritage, there’s no guarantee a legacy superstar brand will stand the test of time, especially after a seismic shift like the move from wired to wireless in the last few years. Yamaha is an example of a competitor whose survival in this competitive space has been significantly more modest, to put it politely.

Source: Wired

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