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Video: Gas Pipelines Bring Value in Mozambique

Africa Oil & Power (AOP) recently spoke with Kwasi A. Agbley, Advisor to the African Renaissance Pipeline project, about the competitiveness of Mozambique’s natural gas, the significant benefits of natural gas pipelines regarding direct transportation, feedstock, and export, and the importance of public-private partnerships in facilitating productive regional relationships. By prioritizing pipeline developments, Mozambique will be able to effectively monetize its vast natural gas reserves, driving development and industrialization through the export to the wider region.


“Mozambique remains very ripe for investment, there are limitless opportunities if you can identify your niche,” stated Agbley. “There exists a huge space for the growth of natural gas which proves cleaner, safer and cheaper as it is recognized as an available and sustainable source of energy.”

With enough natural gas to last more than 50 years in Mozambique, the country is boosting natural gas developments in a bid to expand socio-economic benefits and facilitate regional growth.

In response to the country’s growing energy industry, and to establish a productive platform for the facilitation of investment in Mozambique, AOP will be hosting the Mozambique Gas and Power 2021 (MPG) Conference and Exhibition later in 2021. In conjunction with this event, and in partnership with the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, ENH, INP, CTA, the African Energy Chamber, Mozambique Women of Energy, Motur, and Attitude HR, AOP will host a series of technical workshops on March 9. The workshops aim to enhance and drive the growth of Mozambique’s energy sector. The workshops represent the official platform for the expansion and diversification of Mozambique’s energy sector and comprise the build-up to the highly anticipated MGP 2021 Conference, schedules for September.

“The Mozambican energy market presents a unique opportunity for both regional and international investors to participate in one of the most transformative energy sectors worldwide,” stated Renée Montez-Avinir, Managing Director, AOP. “Both AOP’s technical workshops and the MGP 2021 event represent the official platforms for the enhancement and expansion of Mozambique’s sector, in which investors and industry stakeholders are able to fully capitalize on the diverse opportunities present.”

source: africaoilandpower

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