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Mozambique: Police detain Zimbabwean trucker with one tonne of cannabis

Mozambique Police (PRM) detained a 47-year-old Zimbabwean man in possession of a tonne of cannabis on Monday, in the centre of the country.

The drug was hidden inside 28 bales of 50 kilos of used clothes carried inside a truck driving in the direction Tete – Machipanda border (crossing between Mozambique and Zimbabwe).

The suspect, a repeat offender of drug trafficking and consumption, was carrying $1,300 (€1,068) and tried to bribe a traffic police officer, who reported him and led to his detention in Manica province.

“The man belongs to a dangerous network of drug traffickers,” said the head of public relations at the PRM provincial command in Manica, Mário Arnaça.

Source: Lusa

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