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Man accused of murdering police officer in Mogovolas district, Nampula

The Mozambican police arrested on Sunday a man who had been on the run for the past three years because of his alleged involvement in the murder of a high-ranking officer in Mogovolas district, in the northern Mozambican province of Nampula.

Addressing reporters on Monday in Nampula city, provincial police spokesperson Zacarias Nacute said the man, who is not only a very serious criminal but also the leader of several gangs was caught in the early hours of the morning in the Nampula neighbourhood of Muahivire where he was attempting, unsuccessfully, to break into a house.

Nacute named the man as M. Augusto, and said there is no doubt about his identity. He promised that the police investigation will continue until other members of his gang have been rounded up.

“This man is a very serious criminal sought by the police and he was arrested last night when he was about to break into a residence in Muahivire”, Nacute said. “After his detention, the authorities realised he is the individual who headed an assault against a police station in Mogovolas district, where they shot down an officer and stole firearms and ammunition”.

The police managed to recover the firearms and ammunition, but the manhunt continued for those responsible for the murder.

Source: AIM

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