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UNITA calls for “front for alternation of power” on 19th anniversary of Savimbi’s death

UNITA proposed this Monday the “creation of a patriotic front for alternating power” in order to “save” the country from a “democratic dictatorship”, as it marks the 19th anniversary of the death of its founder, Jonas Malheiro Savimbi.

It is “imperative to create a patriotic front for the alternation of power, in order to save the country, muzzled by the democratic dictatorship,” says the Standing Committee of the Political Commission of the Total Union for the Independence of Angola (UNITA), in a statement sent to the press.

UNITA “notes with immense concern the retreat of the conquests achieved for the conquest of the objectives advocated” [by its founder]: “peace, freedom, democracy and development”, a reason that leads the party to suggest the need for a “front”, capable of assuming the political “alternation”, although the communiqué does not elaborate with whom, how or when.

The text begins by noting that “19 years ago, on February 22, 2002, Jonas Savimbi died in combat, in the town of Lukusse, Moxico”, so this is the “patriot’s day” for UNITA, describing in detail the biography of its first leader.

Source: Ver Angola / Lusa

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