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Enserve Moçambique joins Beluluane Industrial Park

Enserve Moçambique has joined Beluluane Industrial Park (BIP) and will start constructing a workshop and repair centre later this year.

The agreement is a result of a partnership between the Industrial Association of Mozambique (AIMO) and BIP, which was established in November 2020 and aimed at providing access to the investment opportunities generated by BIP for companies affiliated with AIMO.

Enserve is one of AIMO’s members and has been operating in Mozambique for the past five years with a professional local team specialized in the supply and repair of pumps and valves.

Commenting on the decision to move to BIP, Paulo Chibanga, Enserve Country Director said: “It is surely an important investment in terms of growth for our business, which also means that we can increase our scope of facilities, benefit from the solutions of the businesses based in the park and as well as provide services to these companies but most importantly drastically reducing our operating costs. This is part of our commitment to training and building world-class pump and valve repair centres in Mozambique and Africa.”

Beluluane Industrial Park is organised as a combined industrial park and free-trade zone and hosts companies from more than 16 different countries within the manufacturing, industrial, imports, and exports. As a result of its unique partnerships, companies operating within the free-trade zone may qualify for attractive exemptions on customs duties and tax offered by the Mozambican Government.

“Beluluane Industrial Park is pleased to have Enserve as a new investor and is committed to making the park a perfect location for their expansion plans. BIP offers a variety of investment opportunities for investors and has 700 hectares of land, from which 300 hectares were occupied in phase I and 400 hectares still available for development. We believe that the park with its unique offers such as first-class infrastructure and the support provided to all companies based here, is an excellent choice for investors looking at doing business in Mozambique” commented Onorio Boane, Beluluane Industrial Park General Manager.

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About BIP

Beluluane Industrial Park is a Public-Private-Partnership between the Mozambican Government Agencies for Investment & amp; Export Promotion (APIEX) and Swiss-Mozambican investors. It is the biggest industrial park in Mozambique and offers special tax exemptions and benefits to companies operating in its free-trade zone. The park is strategically situated in the South of Mozambique, where it sits on the backbone of the Maputo Development Corridor, offering the best entry to the Southern African Development Community, Asian and European markets.

About Enserve Moçambique

Enserve Moçambique is one of the main players in the provision of solutions for the containment of gases and liquids for the Utilities, Petrochemicals, and Oil and Gas sectors and has consistently contributed to improving safety, and productivity. Enserve provides innovative and integrated maintenance solutions, with a specific focus on all aspects of extending the life of pumps and valves. With an experienced and specialized team in the Maintenance Engineering area, Enserve innovates and provides products and services to customers in Mozambique and Southern Africa.

Source: Beluluane Industrial Park / Press Release clubofmozambique

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