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Tshikululu and African Alliance Asset Management launches solution for impact-driven Investment

Tshikululu Social Investments, a social investment manager and advisor, has partnered with African Alliance Asset Management.

African Alliance Asset Management a company which links investors to public and private investment opportunities across Africa.

In order to create a new African-led impact investment solution aimed at global investors.

African Alliance Asset Management CEO Nicholas Piquito disclosed in a statement on the latest impact investment scheme dubbed Thrive Africa.

“Thrive Africa is a single-point impact investment solution across sub-Saharan Africa.

Which enables investors to gain access to a wide range of economically attractive impacts with real returns”

Likewise, a forum for investing in a greener, equitable and stable Africa is the African-led impact investment solution.

Positive production with impact-driven investments is expected to have an impact on many sectors.

Whereas, the sectors include; employment, infrastructure, power, education, clean water and agriculture.

However, the initial fund will provide loan to impact-driven companies across Africa, according to reports.

Moreover, the initial fund would concentrate on companies that promote financial inclusion, renewable energy, and infrastructure.

Tracey Henry, CEO of Tshikululu, states that there is a positive offset to investing in impact-driven companies on the continent as a whole.

“Thrive Africa will provide a platform for investors to be part of building a greener, more prosperous and inclusive Africa through working with these companies.”

In addition, all of the companies considered will undergo a thorough review to ensure that they follow the impact investment guidelines.

African Alliance and Tshikululu are currently in the fundraising process, as well as collaborating with various impact companies.

In the coming months, the partnership intends to develop its first investments.

The African Alliance and Tshikululu seek to generate sound financial returns and measurable effects for foreign investors.

By putting together decades of experience in Financial and Social Impact expertise.

Given the specific and urgent problems facing Africa, Impact Investment offers a realistic and promising approach to the provision of much-needed capital to help Africa.

In order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, including those based on employment, infrastructure, electricity, education, clean water, agriculture and others.

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