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The University of Leeds and the African Palliative Care Association have partnered with InStrat to train medical students in Nigeria via E-Learning

InStrat Global Health Solutions has collaborated with the University of Leeds and the African Palliative Care Association to provide final-year medical students in Nigeria with Pain Management Training Courses.

The first systematic use of eLearning to complement face-to-face training in Nigerian Universities is the Pain Management tutorial.

Although, the training was conducted medical students in Nigeria but the training was also extended to dental students likewise.

Leading medical schools including the College of Medicine, University of Lagos, College of Medicine and University of Nigeria participated in the training.

Also, other schools included are Aminu Kanu Teaching Hospital, Bayero University and College of Medicine.

Likewise, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital and College of Medicine and Ebonyi State University Teaching Hospital.

VTR Mobile was used to facilitate the E learning program for participating students.

VTR Mobile had first been officially launched in Nigeria in 2016.

However, it has been used in different settings to train thousands of health professionals.

Some training ranging from tertiary care hospitals to primary health centers in Nigeria.

In university environments, it has found applicability so that it has been used to complement face-to-face learning in Nigerian universities.

Especially where learning curricula are frequently crowded.

As the environment develops and companies and organizations seek better ways of promoting and enhancing learning at a lower cost and at a faster rate.

At the same time, while increasing efficiency and retention of information, e-learning becomes an absolute necessity.

Also, it provides learners with an extremely rich learning experience.

With a total of 273 students completing all portions of the e-training curriculum, the study concluded.

Source: techgistafrica

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