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Ebtessama Foundation and Vodafone Egypt Foundation launches platform to provide job opportunities for people with disabilities

Together with the Vodafone Egypt Foundation, Ebtessama Foundation launched “Majidah.org,” Egypt’s first digital platform created to educate and hiring people with disabilities.

The Ebtessama Foundation noted that the Majidah Platform has succeeded in collaborating with more than 400 entities.

Also, It has collaborated with over  200 training centers that can provide training and employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

“Majidah intend to grow its reach even further and establish a platform to link business owners, businesses, training centers and institutions with people with disabilities in order to achieve maximum public benefit,” the foundation disclosed.

Moreover, the platform seeks to enable people with disabilities to learn fundamental and vocational skills.

As a result, this will enable them to become an important part of society, according to the Foundation.

In 2020, the Majidah platform was built to include different formats of online training content (text, video and audio) to fit all needs.

Also by using  cyber security protocols to safeguard all data inputs and including personal data encryption.

In addition, incorporation of accessibility tools that make the platform more user-friendly and functional for various types of disabilities.

“We are proud of the positive impact that Majidah has achieved so far.

Our strategy is focused on empowering Persons with Disabilities.

Through partnering with several entities, to become effective and influential individuals in society.

We are always looking for different ways for community development.

By empowering Persons with Disabilities to become an integral part of the labor market.”

General Secretary of Vodafone Egypt Foundation, May Yassin, said.

For his part, Ashraf Othman, Chairman of the Ebtessama Foundation Board of Trustees, said that the support of President El Sisi has helped facilitate our operations.

In order to recruit as many people with disabilities as possible, enabling them to become self-reliant rather than dependent on their families.

Through our numerous activities planned to take place in the next decade

However, the foundation aims to raise awareness of the platform and meet more stakeholders,” he noted.”

“To create more success stories, we will continue to communicate with employers and contract training providers,” Othman said.

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