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Ecobank Nigeria introduces money transfer via WhatsApp, SMS and email

Ecobank Nigeria has said that its customers can now transfer money through new features which are available on the bank’s Mobile App, via email, SMS and WhatsApp.

Reportedly, this new function enables customers in Nigeria to transfer up to N50,000 without the account number of the beneficiary.

This was revealed by Olukorede Demola-Adenyi, Head, Consumer Banking Ecobank Nigeria, in a statement.

She stated that the initiative was part of the digital banking innovation of the bank.

Because of the new features, customers can conduct transactions conveniently. Moreover, she talked about the Mobile App’s simpler and more attractive interface. The new mobile app makes it easier for individuals to transfer funds from their accounts within the app.

Demola-Adenyi stated that;

“Because of COVID-19, this chance could not have come at a better time when many individuals are self-isolating and maintaining social distance”. Although, as a bank, we have the obligation to continue innovating for the good of our growing customers. Also, we encourage our customers and others to make use of this recent addition to our solutions for digital self-service.”

“With this feature, without the account number of the beneficiary, a customer can transfer up to N50,000. Even without the beneficiary having an account number or specifying on which account to obtain the funds, the transfer may be initiated. This is super convenient for us as a bank to transfer funds.”

In addition, Demola- Adeniyi further disclosed that, “the procedure was straightforward”, while adding that the “recipients could redeem the money sent in three simple steps:

  1. Receive the web link sent to their mobile number as an SMS or WhatsApp message.
  2. Click on the link to select the bank and enter the account number.
  3. Then submit the request and the senders’ account would be debited immediately.
    Irrespective of the bank, the beneficiary account earns the credit instantly”.

Tech Gist Africa via FURHTER

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