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DRC Army Launches Multiple Attacks Against Rebels

Nine rebels were killed on Tuesday as the Congolese military FARDC launched a series of operations against several armed groups in the outskirts of the town of Bunia, capital of Ituri province.

According to Lieutenant Jules Ngongo the spokesperson for the operational sector of the army in Ituri, these multiple operations were launched to eliminate the negative forces, including the Congo Liberation Army, Coopérative pour le Développement du Congo (ALC / CODECO) operating in the Congo

Another rebel movement targeted include the Patriotic and Integrationist Front of Congo (FPIC) active in the southwest of Bunia.

Lt. Jules Ngongo said 9 militiamen of the ALC / CODECO were neutralized, two AK-47 guns recovered with several rounds of ammunition.

“From February 16 to 17 in the eastern part of the city, the armed forces attacked and conquered the new stronghold of the CODECO armed group located 25 km away, in particular the Malabo localities of the Anu clan of Kwabu and Dungwe in the Tsili and Penyi grouping of the Walendu-Tatsi sector in Djugu territory. The results of these operations are as follows: 9 elements of the CODECO / ALC armed group neutralized, two AK-47 type weapons and several munitions of war recovered by the army “, he told reporters.

In the southern part of the town of Bunia, Lt. Jules Ngongo points out that several localities where the FPIC militiamen and some refractory elements of the FRPI (Force de Resistance Patriotique de l’Ituri) had a strong “influence”, have come under control of the FARDC.

These include the localities of Songolo, Androzo, Medu and Kangu in Irumu territory.

Lt. Jules Ngongo said that these operations are continuing.

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