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How to finance solar power for your home

How to finance solar power for your home

Eskom has slated April 2021 as the next date for electricity price increases. This adds to the growing issues faced by South Africans, who must also contend with regular load-shedding that disrupts their home life.

In fact, load-shedding has got so bad that popular tracking app Eskom se Push recently crossed 2 million users. With this in mind, many South Africans have turned to alternative ways to power their homes – with solar power being the most popular solution.

Why South Africans are going solar

Solar power makes sense in South Africa due to the sunny weather in the country, which makes it easy for to capture light from the sun and convert it into energy.

This energy can be stored in batteries for when the sun is not shining – such as in cloudy weather and at night. Some South Africans choose to implement smaller systems that can be used during load-shedding for a limited number of appliances and lights, while others have gone completely off the grid.

Going completely off the grid is now a particularly attractive option given Eskom’s recent statements which note its desire to charge solar power users a fee if they are connected to the grid at all.

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