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Discussion with Florival Mucave, Mozambique Oil & Gas Chamber Executive Chairman

Africa Oil & Power (AOP) spoke with Florival Mucave, Executive Chairman, Mozambique Oil & Gas Chamber (CPGM) about the importance of small-to-medium enterprises, the diversification of the industry, and the country’s move towards industrialization.

By spearheading synergies across all areas of Mozambique’s value chain, and promoting investment in the sector by partnering with AOP for the highly anticipated Mozambique Oil & Power Conference (MGP) in September, the Mozambican Oil and Gas Chamber (CPGM) aims to unite Mozambican oil and gas companies to ensure prolonged industry growth.

“If we look at the MGP that will be held this year, we see it as a testimony of the Mozambican government’s willingness to attract investors,” stated Mucave. “We also see it as a testimony of foreign investors looking at Mozambique as an attractive investment destination and therefore organizing this conference indicates that Mozambique is, in fact, an investor friendly environment.”

AOP has partnered with CPGM, the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, ENH, INP, CTA, the African Energy Chamber, Mozambique Women of Energy, Motur, and Attitude HR to bring global investors and policymakers together for a focused technical workshop program that seeks to enhance and drive the growth of Mozambique’s growing energy sector. With key topics including the optimization and building up of Mozambique’s energy infrastructure, capacity building, security and community, and deal-making in the energy sector, the workshops represent the leading platform for all industry stakeholders looking to participate in and advance Mozambique’s energy sector. With the multitude of investment and project opportunities from a diversified energy mix in Mozambique, the focused technical workshops are the build-up to the highly anticipated MGP 2021 conference scheduled for September.

“In order to transform Mozambique’s energy industry and maximize economic and sectoral growth, a multilateral approach which incorporates stakeholders from all sectors of the industry’s value chain, must be utilized,” stated Renée Montez-Avinir, Managing Director, AOP. “AOP’s technical workshops, in conjunction with MGP 2021, represents the official platform to ensure industry growth and success.”

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